Get certified over the web, get certified before the end of the year:)

This year we've created a new way to spread the science of Nutripuncture, teaching all who wish to learn with webinars and the internet, and allowing those near and far access to a Nutripuncture education in a very convenient and effective way. 
As a result of our tremendous success utilizing this method, we have decided to offer you an extensive program in order for you to complete your certification (or even to commence and complete it) before the end of the year. 
We have also increased the pace of the webinars to once each week so you can complete all levels within a very short time. Get certified and get CEU's!
Important though it is to learn about the basics of Nutripuncture, practicing and experimenting is still an important step.  We encourage you to practice what you learn among your friends and family. It is also important for you to attend your local practical classes.
Our webinars are NCCAOM approved and provide 14 credits for each module.  Best of all, they are free this year!
Next webinars and registration link:
E-Module 1 - 02/24 - 03/02 - 03/09 - 03/16 - From 7pm to 930pm - Register Now
E-Module 2 - 03/23 - 03/30 - 04/06 - 04/13 - From 7pm to 930pm - Register Now
E-Module Resolve Traumas with Nutripuncture - 03/18 - 03/25 - From 7pm to 930pm - Register Now

Discover a truly unique, effective and fascinating modality of healing using trace mineral complexes to balance the body's energy and cells. It has been recognized as one of the most efficient therapies in existence by our practitioners.  We love what we do and we're sure you will too!

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