Specialty Modules

The following modules are open to students who have completed the Basic course.



Throughout life and aging, cells transform, and cellular exchanges diminish.

Nutripuncture contributes to cellular dynamics and helps strengthen these exchanges by supporting selective membranes, optimizing cells communication, and containing oxidative stress at the various stages of life.

Deep dive into the journey of the human body from conception through childhood, puberty, adulthood and old age and experience through this advanced course, how Nutripuncture is a wonderful tool to support life.



Free radicals has become quite the buzzword these days. They are a fact of life.

Stress, pollution, an unhealthy lifestyle, and even exercise can ramp up free radicals, and when there are too many in our body, aging and degeneration accelerate…

…This comes from oxidative stress.

Normally a process necessary for metabolic functions, oxidation becomes destructive beyond a certain threshold. It’s like having rust inside our body, breaking us down from within.

During this workshop, we will cover the topic of oxidative stress impact on metabolic functions and how the synergy of Nutripuncture and Phytovitality can help minimize this impact through Lipids, Proteins, Carbohydrates & Redox (reduction-oxidation) reactions regulation.

This module consists of theory as well as practical applications.



During this class you will learn how to address physical, psychological and sexual trauma. Learn how to relieve the pain from your body.


VITAL IMPULSES - Part 1 & 2  (Class by Dr Veret - Nutripuncture founder)

From Innate Vital Drives to Human Relationship: Male & Female

Being a man or a woman is a very powerful biological factor in the learning process of relationships to others.

Communication with the other is primarily of gendered order, guided by a fundamental code : the recognition of our own gender and that of the other.

During this workshop, Dr. Patrick Veret will describe instinctive attitudes that are activated, from early childhood to puberty, programming us with specific behaviours in our relationships, communication, and sexuality.

Our communication can be greatly enhanced when we restore the vital currents that are unbalanced with respect to these specific behaviours. By acting from our gender identity, we can reach our full potential.

This workshop includes both theory and practical cases.

We will look at the different patterns and identify which ones are activated in your relationship with others and how you can regain your individuality.


VITAL IMPULSES - Part 3  (Class by Dr Veret - Nutripuncture founder)

In this class Dr Veret will go deeper into the vital impulses dynamics, which condition our communications with others.

This class consist mainly of practical experiments and applications of Part 1 & 2 course content. It will allow the students to further enhance their experience and understanding on the vital impulses.



Have you ever asked yourself what is this internal force that urges you to communicate or act in a specific way ?

Have you ever said “I can’t help it” ?

We all manifest those vital impulses. They condition the way we live our life and express ourself with the people around us.

We experience them every day, every minute, every second of our life.
They drive us, often not where we want to go.
Fusional, visceral, possessive, repetitive… We can’t help acting upon them. They are part of us, often subconsciously.

More than a simple experience, this class is about deeply understanding, integrating & connecting the dots of what you have learned with Nutripuncture.
Balancing the dynamics, in relation with our vital impulses, enable us to access our essence, free ourselves of unwanted behaviors and get in touch with our full potential.

It is an essential class as a new step of your personal development or to deepen, strengthen and sharpen your practice as a therapist.
A class not to miss !

This class is open to student who have taken the basic module


NUTRIPUNCTURE & BLOOD : A COMPLEX SYSTEM  (Class by Dr Veret - Nutripuncture founder)


INTRODUCTION TO THE EMBRYONIC SYSTEM  (Class by Dr Veret - Nutripuncture founder)

Embryonic life is the result of genetic programming between two cells : an ovum and a spermatozoid. Not only is genetic information combined to form a new life but an entire system that is the basis of wellness of the adult is formed at this stage. Research points to the importance of what happens during the embryonic stage, including how epigenetic markers may first manifest as early as cell division and cellular differentiation. Epigenetics, the science of gene expression that is triggered by non-gene related factors, is providing groundbreaking insight into how disease can be “turned” on or off. This is connected to electromagnetic information and favourable “fields”.

This module will introduce the various stages of embryonic life, how it is subject to electromagnetic information and ”forming fields”, and the connection between embryonic and adult stages of life.