Claudia VALDES

Practioner / Therapist

Claudia is a licensed Aesthetician, Certified Nutripuncturist and the founder of The Banyan House, a Holistic Spa & Wellness Boutique in Dania Beach, Florida. She supports her clients with a holistic approach, specializing in AromatherapyNutripuncture and a multitude of complimenting modalities and offers her knowledge and experience as a Raw Culinary Artist, Holistic Health & Body Practitioner, Nutritional Detox Facilitator, Nutritional Coach, Holistic Lifestylist and Emotional Release, Reiki & Relaxation Practitioner.  She began her journey of holistic wellness, living and educating over 15 years ago, and now carries many "tools" in her toolbox which she uses with each of her clients depending on their individual needs



Being driven by the passion for helping others, she incorporates all of her skills and knowledge to her whole-istic approach to living and healing oneself with gratitude.  She carefully takes into consideration your state of wholeness, priding herself in listening to your concerns, while focusing on your unique personal journey. She strives to give you peace of mind by being a mentor that can offer guidance on how to practice the appropriate techniques needed while along your path to finding selfawareness.
Claudia is available in person as well as via phone or Skype. She speaks English and Spanish fluently.


United States

✆ 9546830822

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