Practioner / Therapist

Sammy is certified as a Master Level Nutripuncturist. He supports his clients with a holistic approach, specializing in Nutripuncture and complimenting healing modalities including Bio-compatible Herbs, Nutritional support, and Restorative Cleansing, depending on the needs of the individual.

Sammy began taking Nutripuncture over 10 years ago.  After feeling the powerful affects he began taking classes immediately.  In 2006 Sammy received level 1 Nutripuncture certification and began his professional practice at that time.  Since then Sammy has worked with over 1000 clients, achieving Master Level cert in 2012.

Sammy has continued the focus of refining and expanding his own Nutripuncture practice and continues his education to this day, including direct training from Dr Patrick Vert himself.  He shares his 10+ years of knowledge and experiences through teaching Nutripuncture workshops. 

Sammy is based in Los Angeles but travels extensively to meet the needs of his clientele and growing responsibilities as a Nutripuncture trainer. His primary cities are NY, Boston, DC, and San Francisco but due to the demand of personalized care and limited specialists in this field he can be available in other cities as well.

90291, VENICE
United States

✆ 855-795-4795

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