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That time of the month.  As if those few days aren’t complicated enough, as many as 85% of women suffer through at least one Pre Menstural Syndrome (PMS) symptom in the days leading up to their cycles.  
Plenty of women will agree that those who only experience one symptom of PMS have it easy, while the rest of us are feeling physically and emotionally awful; it’s tempting to try whatever might work to find some relief, even if that means a cocktail of mystery pills that may or may not work. 
As in almost any other common ailment, balance within the body and proper cellular communication can work wonders in alleviating the symptoms of PMS.  Nutripuncture offers a sequence specifically designed for PMS, combining three individual meridians to target the uterus, gallbladder and conception areas. 
When the cells in these organs are communicating properly, even during such a tumultuous time, dreaded pains such as cramping, irritability, fatigue and more can be reduced and even eliminated completely. 
Gone are the days of wondering if pill after pill will work to make it through Mother Nature’s monthly gift.  With Nutripuncture, you’ll be able to flow right through in the most natural way.


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