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The importance of sleep is something that everyone is well aware of, however most Americans struggle to find the time to get their recommended eight hours. Late night schedules and early morning commitments constantly get in the way of getting a full night’s rest, leaving us with the everlasting feeling of fatigue. 
March 1st marks the beginning of Sleep Awareness Month, the perfect time to reflect on and restructure your schedule and nighttime habits to ensure you’re getting either sleep, or sleep of superior quality. If a complete overhaul of your nighttime routine is too much, you may want to consider making one smaller adjustment – exploring actiVa Sleep.
actiVa Sleep is made of plant extracts such as hawtorn, matricaria, linden, verbena and sweet violet. Its minerals help you to fall asleep more quickly, they’re also designed to help you sleep more soundly through the night and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. actiVa Sleep has also been known to help alleviate stress and anxiety. 
As many as 75% of Americans report some sleep disorder symptoms at least a few nights per week, which can have lasting effects on their days.  Two capsules of actiVa Sleep each night, taken traditionally or mixed with a bed time snack, can ensure a sound sleep that will carry you smoothly through the next day.


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