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Roadmap - Nutripuncture


Nobody likes traffic. This is why oftentimes, we look for the quickest way to get from point A to point B with the fewest blockages. Winter usually makes traffic and traveling even more difficult due to inclement weather, but did you know that something similar could be happening inside of our bodies?
Think of your anatomy as a superhighway for the messages being delivered to our cells.  Picture roads in place of your meridians…channels for allowing those messages to travel around quickly and efficiently. The way we react to the nasty weather and shorter days (whether that’s taken literally or figuratively) can have serious effects on the way our bodies function on the inside, making it more difficult for these meridians to carry those messages. 
Using the principles of both modern western science and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutripuncture naturally plows the highways we have inside of us, allowing our vital currents to get their information from one point to another, and avoiding any traffic jams along the way. 
Winter, even with all its charm, can be a difficult time for anyone, but when our bodies are functioning properly, we feel better all around. You’d be surprised how simple it could be to transform the drab and dreary into something much more appealing.


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