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Home-eopathic for the Holidays


It’s no surprise that physical indulgences and high levels of stress both pop up around the holidays.
Although sweet treats, fanciful cocktails, and delicious bites are abound, we’re all subject to the effects of the shorter days and colder nights that can leave us feeling a bit off. 
Through our experience at Nutripuncture, we know that it’s in examining the heart-small intestine organ group that we can see the connection between our holiday diets and our emotional stability. 
Moving into the winter months, alternative health experts are recommending that patients learn about our sophisticated and effective line of mineral supplements, which, when taken in the correct sequence, can restore balance within the body.  
A combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and western scientific research, Nutripuncture can be taken by anyone, regardless of dietary restrictions, to help regulate digestive assimilation, normalize changes in dietary intake, and calm high-running emotions to make this holiday season our best yet.
So, what are you waiting for?


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