Psoriasis - Nutripuncture


Thick, red, itchy and dry skin with white scaly patches on top; aches, pains and embarrassment with no relief aside from foul-smelling lotions, harmful UV rays or painful injections. 
August is National Psoriasis Awareness month, a disease that plagues over 7.5 million with skin redness and irritation which occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy body tissue. Psoriasis is a lifelong condition with no known cure.
However, with the correct Nutripuncture sequence, many sufferers have seen a great improvement and even complete disappearance of their symptoms.
A five month long study was done on this all-natural approach using 12 volunteers, each of whom had psoriasis for over three months. During the first two months, the volunteers received a series of four different protocols in which they chewed five Nutris twice a day, and a different set of four protocols for the remainder of the study. Clinical examinations took place every 15 days to track results. 
At the end of five months, the most severe cases saw a 100% improvement of psoriasis conditions, 50% reduction of itchiness, and 70% of skin clearance. 
Because psoriasis is related to environmental causes, the results of this study reinforce that Nutris are able to help the human body face its environment in a natural way that controls the operation of cellular exchanges within the body. 


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