One day intro class – Journey to self with trace elements – stress & traumas.
Everyday, we encounter different types of situations, processed by our body as a stimuli (positive) or a stress (negative). It is now a recognized fact that stress has a direct impact on our well-being and health.
Some events or situations can cause great distress and disruption to a person well-being. The imprint of this trauma is stored in the whole energetic systems of the body and particularly in the meridian system. If not addressed and managed in a proper way, it may result in the development of functional and organic disorders.
A combination of Eastern knowledge of Chinese Medicine, combined with the latest scientific discoveries in cells communication, Nutripuncture is a safe and efficient tool to feel better and restore vitality. It is a new and innovative natural system of nutraceuticals, that uses trace elements to help the body fix itself, with the aim of helping people regain well-being.

During this one day course, you will be introduced to the concept of vitality and well-being and the knowledge and researches that lead to the discovery of Nutripuncture. This will give you a better understanding of how it works and what are its fields of action and applications.

We will also look at how life stresses and traumatic experiences can, often subconsciously, be the source of serious disturbances and lead to psychological and physical unbalances

The class includes both theory and practical experiences.

Workshop objectives:

     1. Be introduced to the concepts of Eastern medicine and Western scientific researches on cellular communication with trace elements. And discover the link between them.

     2. Learn about body responses to stress and stimuli and how it has the capacity to auto-regulate itself with the right support tool.

     3. Identify relevant protocols to address stress and traumas with trace elements.

     4. Learn and apply a new, natural & innovative tool to achieve well-being, support health and achieve personal growth for yourself or others.

     5. Empower yourself by getting new insights on yourself, by understanding and identifying behavioral and emotional patterns you developed and by rebalancing them in a natural, simple, immediate and permanent way to achieve personal growth.

    6. Participate in practical experiences


This class is open to all participants and can be a good introduction to the full basic training.