Course description :

The full basic training course, divided in 2 modules, focuses on presenting the modality in its whole and give key answers on how it was discovered, how it works in the body and how to use it.

The objective of this course is:

- To give the participant a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts of Nutripuncture, developed around the knowledge of Eastern Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine) combined with Western scientific researches and discoveries on cells communication.

- To teach the participant how to use and apply Nutripuncture as a tool to achieve wellness and vitality for themselves, their client and people around them.

The principles of Chinese Traditional Medicine, with the meridian system and vital currents, defines a map of the human body where energy and electromagnetic information flow.
When disrupted, this flow is faced with blockages and results in preventing the body to auto-regulate and fix itself.  It then becomes the ground for the manifestation of functional, organic and emotional disorders.

Molecular biology researches* have shown that cellular communication, stimulated with trace elements, enables the transmission of specific information though these energetic pathways.

Nutripuncture consists of trace minerals blends. Combined in specific ways, they enable the transmission of an energetic specific message to targeted parts of the body, in order to restore the correct information flow and induce auto-regulation at cellular level.

The trace elements used in Nutripuncture show to be a precise, safe and effective tool to restore the flow of information in the body to achieve physical & emotional balance.

Course structure:

• What is Nutripuncture?

     - How does it work?
     - The role of trace elements – Elements for life - scientific approach
     - History: Eastern meets West
     - Definitions and glossary: vitality,  body field, biorhythms, bipolarity, meridians, vital currents, information, stimuli & stressor,
     - 5 elements & 5 senses essential to life
     - Meridian families, liked to elements and senses
     - Methods of application of Nutripuncture: Association/ sequence
     - Notion of identity

• The 4 essential conditions for Vitality

• Cellular Bipolarity

• Introduction to Vital Currents families and their role in the body

• Behaviors dynamics & Vital Currents: the morphotypes

     - Heart / Small Intestine family
     - Stomach / Pancreas family
     - Kidney / Bladder
     - Lungs / Colon
     - Liver / gallbladder
     - Master of heart / Triple Warmer

• General bipolar dynamics

• The body clock

• Gender polarity

• Bones, joints & Muscles

• Applications & uses: tests


1. Discover a new holistic natural & innovative approach to health care, well-being and personal growth.

2. Understand how Nutripuncture is a tool to support the body’s innate capacity to auto-regulate and fix itself.

3. Be introduced to the concepts and principles of Eastern medicine and Western scientific researches on cellular communication with trace elements and how they are connected.

4. Understand how information circulates in our body and how responses to stress and stimuli affect wellness.

5. Identify and use relevant protocols to address physical and psychological challenges using Nutripuncture as a tool

6. Learn and apply the essential conditions for vitality.

7. Discover how to connect the elements with your senses.

8. Empower yourself with new insights on yourself. Understand and identify behavioral and emotional patterns you developed and learn how to rebalance them in a natural, simple, immediate and permanent way.

9. Be able to apply & use the tool immediately after the course

10. Participate in practical experiences. Learn to test and assess protocols.


The class runs over 1 evening and 2 days for module 1 + 2 days for module 2. It is open to all participants.