Within one lives the seed of the other. Nothing is destroyed, only transformed. Yin and Yang are fundamental polarities that are unified in harmony, aspects of one reality. As everything is only meaningful in relation to another, yin yang do not exist in isolation. There is no bad or good – both are essential.

Everything in existence is either yin or yang. Yin is nourishing – slow, soft, passive – the feminine principle and is associated as the moon, water and nighttime. Yang is dynamic, creative, active – the masculine principle and is associated with the sun, fire and daytime.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin Yang explains the structure, function and changes of the human body and is used in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. The kidneys, liver, heart, spleen and lungs are classified as yin, a storage function. The gallbladder, stomach, small and large intestines, bladder and triple burner are yang, which has the transportation and transformation function. Within each organ lies both yin (substance) and yang (activity) functions.

The balance of Yin Yang is essential to the body’s vital activities. Pathogenic factors arise when there is excess bodily yin or yang. Strong yang leads to the injury or deficiency of yin and vice versa. The separation of Yin Yang leads to the exhaustion of life force or Qi and life is no more.

Since life is based on the balance of Yin Yang, we can enjoy good health by consuming foods and performing activities that nourish and support the body to maintain balance. Each season can be classified as either yin or yang and so by observing the qualities of the different times of the year we can promote good health.

As life is in constant motion, balance is also not a static condition. Our body constantly reacts and adjusts to stimuli from internal and external environments, such as the climate, our emotions and our beliefs. Being centered in our five senses and aware of the flow and ebb of our emotions help us maintain health. Like Yin Yang, we each are the “bright and dark sides” at all times. When we embrace one without reference to the other, we lose sight of who we truly are. We are yin within yang and yang within yin.

Nutri Yin Nutri Yang

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About the Author
Sandra Shih Tonkinson is an alternative health practitioner based in Singapore. She writes regularly for wellness centres as well as for her own practice Jupiter Circles. She is also the Editor of What Therapy, a Singapore-based alternative, complementary, and holistic wellness portal.