Nutripuncture is manufactured / distributed / provided under the purview of Laboratoires Pronutri (and its representatives), Anita Association and Dr. Patrick Veret who is the owner (“Owner”).

Nutripuncture has always been aimed at supporting people in their health and wellness goals in the total respect of their freedom and individuality.

Only Certified Nutripuncture Practitioners have received the appropriate training to provide consultation according to Nutripuncture’s endorsed benefits / approved uses.  Likewise, only Certified Nutripuncture instructors are authorized to teach Nutripuncture. These are some of the measures that the Owner and his associated partners / representatives have implemented to safeguard against improper use and representation.

It has come to our attention that Nutripuncture has been promoted / represented by certain third parties (who are not part of the current List of Certified practitioners/ instructors) to have other benefits / uses which have not been endorsed or approved by the Owner (“Non-Approved Uses”). The Owner and his associated partners / representatives do not endorse and disagree with the Non-Approved Uses. They hereby wish to dissociate themselves from same.

Should you have any queries or wish to obtain a current List of Certified Practitioners / instructions, please:

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