As you may remember from the basic Nutripuncture training, spatial orientation is very important. It is a fundamental reference that needs to be monitored, and sometimes requires to be restored. It is the reflection of a correct architectural plan, well integrated at the proprioceptive level (right at the right, left at the left, top at the top, bottom at the bottom), which modulates the vitality of all organic functions.



Spatial orientation of joints

At the beginning of a session, it is also important to check if each joint of the body is in phase with its corresponding vital currents. You can sometimes observe a confusion of information between two joints, which is important to rebalance.

For example: shoulder / hip confusion, knee / hip etc. Sometimes a pain in the joint may be the result of a disturbance of the vital currents.


When you notice an overall imbalance of all joints, it is a disruption of the information "Bone Marrow":

23 04 11 30 35/36 CA 16 26 04 17 03

This sequence helps to reestablish coherence in the joints architecture. Nevertheless in some cases, it may be interesting and necessary to look closer at involved joint and work with the specific joint sequence/ or look for an associated vital impulse.

Also, at the level of the eye, as you have already studied in Nutripuncture courses, the consistency of the architectural plan that exists at all levels is essential to ensure optimal vision.



Spatial orientation of the heart

A recent study has shown that there may be disturbance of information also at the organic level, for example, between the 4 cavities of the heart, as shown in the below diagram.

First step would be to check that there is not confusion and that the heart is a heart. Using the heart Identity sequence :


04 01 32 08 34 CA 32 08 04 02 26


Then, using this diagram, you can test whether the spatial orientation of these 4 cavities of your heart, are correct. By projecting their locations “aloud” and pointing them with your hand,one after another, on your chest. Test if the reference is correct or not. You can use muscle test or listen to the voice to see if the spatial orientation is coherent.

If you notice a confusion, restoring the information is essential to ensure consistent cardiac function.

You can try the following sequence in relation with the heart spatial orientation:

37/38 04 08 34 15 CA 04 27 34 15 32

At the same time, we notice that the position of the information of the corresponding articulation is re-established (if you have not restored it previously).

It is necessary to complete this work with a sequence that allows the integration of this information in relation with the heart limits

11 04 08 30 19 CA 11 04 15 08


Courtesy of Dr Patrick Veret - Nutripuncture Research and Development



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