Practioner / Therapist

Reiki Master & Nutripuncture Practitioner

Pavla’s journey to recovery started when she was diagnosed with IBS and started visiting various doctors. After a few years of battling this condition and constant fatigue, she turned to alternative and Eastern medicine for help.

After a short while she recovered from IBS, only left with a slight gluten/dairy intolerance.

In 2011 she discovered Reiki and has since become a Reiki Teacher/Practitioner.

Her other interests are learning new complementary therapies like Aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies, Crystal Healing, Homeopathy, Yoga, and meditation.

She is currently studying to be a certified Holistic Nutritionist with The College of Natural nutrition in London.

Nutripuncture is the most powerful technique she has come across so far. It helped her tremendously with difficult parent relationships, car accident trauma, energy levels, and on daily basis with any little ailments that arise. She is passionate about spending more time to help others with this amazing technique so all people can live their life to their fullest potential


"Before diagnosis of our 7 year old Shreyan, most of the time we got our son lost and happy in his own world, very restricted interest though very keen to mix with people. After diagnosis we came to know that he has Asperger Syndrome and so his behavior is different and unique from the nuro typical kids of his age. He has also issues like attention deficit and sensory processing.

First time we met Pavla in the month of Jan 2014 and approached her how to resolve these issues and get improvement from Shreyan. She rather suggested us to change our expectation and attitude towards Shreyan.  She guided us how to ‘help’ Shreyan to do better , eventually that would significantly contribute towards betterment as a whole. Her Nutripuncture therapies and counseling is truly instrumental.

Today we must say that , we started witnessing a significant improvement in Shreyan from every aspect. Now he is grounded and showing interest towards the world we belong. As a parent we are much more relieved and we are eager to continue with her therapies as per her guidance.  We would highly recommend Pavla , she is an excellent human being who treats people with compassion and commitment."

A.P and S.P. Singapore, April 2014


✆ +65 9233 6636

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