Chia Wei TAN

Practioner / Therapist

Bodywork Therapist & Nutripuncture Practitioner

Chia Wei specializes in Bodywork. To her, Bodywork is like Art, where you use all the tools in your toolbox to make art. In this case, to relieve tensions in the body. The “tools” that she uses includes different massage techniques (Raynor Massage (BRSNT, AUS), Thai (TMC ChiangMai) & Swedish Massage (APNT UK)), Educational Kinesiology, Nutripuncture, her background as a professional contemporary dancer (BA, Netherlands) and her life experiences.

Since encountering Nutripuncture in 2011, it has helped her tremendously on a personal and professional level. Therefore combining it in her work has been a big key linking the balance of meridians to finding out the root cause of the pain.
Besides relieving the physical kinks and knots, the Nutriments will help to re-establish inner balance and thereby having a much more effective result.

Chia Wei’s main aim is to release tension, bring awareness to the body and to help people feel the sensations happening in their own body so that they start to own it back and regain control of the ‘vehicle’ that they are driving.


✆ +65 8418 0276

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