Practioner / Therapist

Kinesiologist & Nutripuncture Practitioner

Rich of 15 years of Asia experience, Barbara made Singapore her home in 1998.

Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Naturopathy and other Alternative Medicine have always been part of Barbara’s life and evolution all along these years. They brought her the answers that allopathic medicine couldn’t give.

Nutripuncture appeared in her live to answer existential questions and enabled her to evolve on many levels: personal, emotional, physical, and professional.

Barbara is fascinated by and has a passion for humanity. Her interest for others has opened the door towards therapy. Nutripuncture comes as a complement to her initial practice as a Kinesiologist. Her practice combined with personal experiences in analytic psychotherapy enables her to accompany her clients with understanding and empathy on the path to vitality and well-being


✆ +65 9119 5491

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