Practioner / Therapist

Nutripuncture Practitioner & Instructor.

Dipl. Regression Therapist and authorized trainer in Regression Therapy with the Regression Academy UK – Certified Life Between Life Regression Therapist – Certificate for Esogetic Colorpuncture™ and Energy Emission Analysis, as well as NAET – USA certified Hypnotherapist (NGH, IMDHA) -Reiki Teacher – Dorn Method Trainer – Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner.


She was the co-founder of Gallery Helios, Center for the Art of Mind–Body Wellness. At this center, like-minded practitioners collaborate to create individualized therapeutic solutions for their clients drawing from a pool of highly qualified therapists covering a broad range of modalities.

Antoinette developed her own unique modality called Inner Dynamics by integrating a variety of proven modalities to help clients release deeply buried memories and feelings, heal their past and present in order to reconnect with their True Self. After these sessions, understanding and perspective of life often changes dramatically. Clients have been very enthusiastic about their improvements and new perspectives of life.
Her approach is completely customized to the individual needs of each of her clients. With her range of holistic therapies, including Nutripuncture, and many years of experience, she aims to support physical healing, establish emotional balance and facilitate spiritual growth. 

Antoinette now runs her own private practice in Singapore and has been working with people from all walks of life.

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"Antoinette did a superb job of introducing how Nutripuncture works and how to use it. Through clear and systematic explanations as well as visuals, she organised wide-ranging information into bite-sized chunks and made it digestible. Typically, she would present the information and then have us apply what we learnt on hypothetical case studies. We then moved on to actual trials and helped diagnose and prescribe Nutris for each other.  More importantly, she helped us make the connections between the different chunks of information, which is so crucial to one’s ability to practice this for oneself or on others.

Content and delivery aside, the dynamics of the class was excellent as well. The class size was right and helped made sure no-one in the group was left behind. Antoinette created an open, collaborative and supportive atmosphere that helped engage everyone in their learning. I came away with a clear understanding of this modality of healing and the confidence to use it. Thank you for being an awesome trainer, Antoinette!"

C.T. Singapore - April 2014


Innerdynamics Pte Ltd

✆ +65 9012 1933

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