Free presentation by Ms Keven Duff on 16 July 2016 in Kuala Lumpur


Saturday 16th July 2016 -  From 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm

Royal Lake Club - 2nd Floor Perdana 2 - Jalan Cenderamulia,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur 50480, Malaysia


Join this upcoming FREE presentation on the amazing benefits of Nutripuncture by Ms Keven Duff, Nutripuncture practitioner and trainer in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaisia & Singapore.

Nutripuncture, also called "Acupuncture without needles", is an approach that uses a new generation of dietary supplements, or "informational supplements", based on trace minerals complexes that speak directly to the body's intelligence to strengthen its vitality and support its self-regulation.

Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western biochemistry and you have Nutripuncture.  It works fast, is powerful and effective.  It is a wonderful system for self-help and can almost instantaneously alleviate symptoms such as tiredness, stiffness, headaches, and tired eyes.  Athletical and academical performance is supported by Nutripuncture.. At its deepest levels, Nutripuncture helps to shift deep issues. Its a tool for self-development and profound transformation.

Suitable for all ages with no contra-indications, Nutripuncture provides responses to various stresses that diminish psychophysical well-being.

Started in France in 1985, Nutripuncture has become known in Europe, North America, and Asia, and in countries where doctors and health practitioners, sensitive to the need for strengthening well-being and supporting overall psycho-physical vitality, use it with satisfaction.

Nutrripuncture is not a treatment and is a holistic approach that offers highly effective tools to strengthen the field upon which psychosomatic, functional, biological, or even lesioning illnesses can develop.


Learn More on how Nutripuncture can support you Vitality in daily life. At the Preview, Information on Nutripuncture will be presented by Ms Keven Duff, a Certifired Nutripuncture Therapist and Nutripuncture Trainer. The use of Nutripuncture will also be demonstrated.


Ms Keven Duff, (B.A Biomedical Anthropolgy and Biochemistry, University of Pennsylvania, USA) has trained extensively in complementary as well as Natural and Holistic Methods of Wellness and Healing. She is one of the few authorized teachers of Nuripuncture. and has also trained in NLP, Muscle Testing. Esogetic Medicine (Peter Mandel Institute), Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis, Neuromuscular Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Emotional Freedom Technique, Lifeline and is an authorized teacher of the Reiki Training Academy of Australia. She teaches extensively on holistic therapies in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia. H.K and USA.  She practices at a complimentary medicine practice in Hong Kong.



Read about the phenomenal results from taking Nutripuncture which works through the body's cell membranes.


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Organised by Ms Shalet Marian - Nutripuncture representative in Malaysia -  contact Shalet HERE


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