New Planet shift 21st October 2014 - Nutripuncture

New Planet shift 21st October 2014


Watch out for the current planet shift - 21st Oct 2014

Moving with the seasons changes, our biorythms are influenced by our insertion in the cosmos and on earth.
Planets constantly move and most of those movements do not affect us. However, at times, their shift may have an impact on our vital currents and create a disturbance.

If you are sensitive to those shifts and feel "off", we recommend you use the following Nutripuncture sequence, twice a day for about 10 days, to help adjust to the change :

Woman: 20 04 09 17 15

Man: 20 04 09 17 15

Even though we are near the equator and do not see or feel the seasons changing, we are still affected by planetary movements.
Different meridian families are activated during each season and Nutripuncture helps to keep them balanced.



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