Nutripuncture® consists of one activator and 38 regulators of cellular communication made of trace elements.

These nutriments or “Nutris” correspond to organs and functions in the body and are associated with the vital currents and meridian system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Unlike other systems, Nutripuncture® recognizes the polarity of an individual.

The 38 regulators include nutriments specific for women and for men. Expressing one’s polarity is a pillar in the foundation of how Nutripuncture® works and in its therapeutic success.

The very components of these mineral blends are used by the cells to communicate. Because of this direct link, the Nutris actually give life to a language that the body recognizes.

Combined in specific ways, the Nutris enable the transmission of an energetic specific message to targeted parts of the body, restoring and enabling the body to integrate the correct information and induce cells auto-regulation.

The body is bombarded by information from both the external and internal environments every second of every day. For various factors, this information may not be integrated properly. This disruption can cause imbalance in the body. Nutripuncture® works through electromagnetic information to restore the proper cellular communications essential to optimal functioning of the body systems.