Nutripuncture, Your vitality's bodyguard

An approach that uses a new generation of dietary supplements, or "informational supplements", based on trace minerals complexes that speak directly to the body's intelligence to strengthen its vitality and support its self-regulation.

Suited for all ages, without any contra-indications, they provide interesting responses to various stresses that diminish psychophysical well-being.

This is not a treatment but a holistic approach to the person that offers highly effective tools to strengthen the field upon which psychosomatic, functional, biological, or even lesioning illnesses can develop.

Started in France in 1985, nutripuncture has become known in Europe, North America, and Asia, and in countries where doctors and health practitioners, sensitive to the need for strengthening well-being and supporting overall psycho-physical vitality, use it with satisfaction.

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- PUTTING AN END TO ENDOMETRIOSIS SYMPTOMS -   Nutripuncture, the leader in holistic health, has already(...)
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Practical Cases

This is a unique opportunity for you to come and see Nutripuncture in action but also to learn how to use it, facing(...)
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Thank you to our Level 2 students!!!

We have just completed our Level 2 Certification in New York, NY and we would like to thank all our students for coming!!(...)
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Dr. Veret, M.D. back in the US

On the first weekend of May 2014, in Miami, FL, Dr. Veret M.D., founder of Nutripuncture will be back in the US. Once(...)
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